Woodstock ‘99 was a disgrace to community


On Friday, July 23, the Capitol Theatre was host to a free showing on the HBO documentary “Woodstock ‘99: PEACE, LOVE and RAGE.”

What was the purpose?

That event was a disgrace to our city. For $200,000 we sold our “souls” to the devil. The fires, mayhem and chaos was a high price to pay along with aggressive rock bands, assaults, rapes and filthy language.

It’s sad that Rome, New York, was put on the map by promoting such an event and allowing vendors to charge high prices for bottled water.

Most of the concert crowd traveled with a certain amount of finances and then ended up being taken advantage of.

This documentary should have been rated X and should never be shown to our youth again. It certainly left our city with a black eye.

— Kathleen A. Murphy, Rome


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