Why great nations fell


Throughout history many great nations fell into failure. Most of the fallen nations did not fall from external factors but fell from internal factors and not from external invasion.

Some of the internal factors that contributed to the failure of many of those nations were caused by: 

Authorities with unethical leadership abilities. Deterioration of what a family is and when family values are no longer cherished. Breakdown of moral and ethical values. Above all, the deterioration of spiritual values.

The political, economic, and social problems that happens to nations are the symptoms of the spiritual deterioration of a nation. When a nation turns its back upon God and God’s intervention stops is when a nation starts to decline into failure.

The Old Testament of the Bible records the history of the nation of Israel. When Israel followed God’s will they prospered. When they followed their own will they faltered. The same can be said of our Nation today. We have prospered for over two hundred years. Were we perfect? Not by any standard but we were founded on Christian values and and did our best to follow those standards and prospered. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of what our nation was built on and as a nation turned our back toward God. It is time to wake up America and seek and do God’s will individually and collectively before it is too late.

— Paul G. Bodner, Verona


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