Vote Brindisi for State Supreme Court


Judges on the State Supreme Court hear cases that have real life ramifications on the working families of New York State. Their decisions and rulings affect every aspect of our lives. The person with this position must have the ability to hear and understand the diverse issues that come before them. They must be educated in the law, fair, compassionate, patient, and most of all understand the effect their decision will have on those involved.

Throughout Anthony J. Brindisi’s career in public service he has demonstrated all of those qualities. While on the Utica School Board he became an effective advocate for the students and staff of the district. His work ethic and educated approach with which he carried out his duties resulted in a better school district. He continued his thoughtful representation of his constituents while serving in the NYS Assembly and Congress.

He proved to be an independent voice for all. He educated himself on the issues that came before him and sought input from all sides before rendering a decision. He was never a rubber stamp for anyone. These attributes will make Brindisi a great judge on the State Supreme Court. Anthony’s life’s work has prepared him for this position. Please support Anthony J. Brindisi on Election Day.

— Pat Costello, Whitesboro


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