Vaccination resistance will cause more deaths


Get ready for more masks, more hospitalizations and more covid deaths. It doesn’t have to be that way, but resistance to vaccination by conservatives is keeping Oneida County fully vaccinated rate below 50%.

A little better than the red states in the south and west, but only marginally so. What drives this idiocy? Misinformation promoted by some politicians and amplified on biased TV networks.

Most of the deaths will be among the unvaccinated — 99% to date — but some breakthrough infections will also strike a few of the vaccinated. Virus-caused diseases can be eliminated, like polio and smallpox, but only when enough of the population is vaccinated to prevent the disease from sustaining itself and mutating. Unfortunately, we have major political factions celebrating that vaccination rates are staying low, as evidenced by the recent CPAC convention.

Vaccine mandates are coming. The US Army is requiring soldiers to prove they have been vaccinated or they are required to wear masks. It is likely that DOD will require vaccination for all in the military as soon as the vaccines have FDA approval. The government of France has required proof of vaccination to use restaurants, bars and trains.  

10,000 Americans died needlessly from Covid-19 last month. How many more will it take to convince the holdouts?

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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