Traveling together: A group effort


The gospel for July 11 from the gospel of Mark, which tells of Jesus sending out the 12 apostles to continue his mission of preaching, teaching and healing, got me thinking especially about church life and how important that is to me and I know many of us.

It says in that gospel that Jesus sent them out two by two or in pairs.

What this is telling me is that he envisions the spread of the gospel as essentially a group effort, not a work that needs to be performed alone.

By going with another person, the apostles are given companionship and a sense of security especially when traveling in unfamiliar places 

It seems that this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a very foreign land to many of us not only in church ministry but in other walks of life as well.

While the churches did have to shutdown for a while do to safety concerns, I thank God each day for the opportunity to gather again for prayer, fellowship and outreach in the community in the ministries that I am able to take part in.

We are thankful for the
technology and the opportunity for virtual services/Mass, but I think we all realize that there
is something missing there — that it’s just not the real

This being said, I think we need to continue to be respectful of those who for whatever reason have not returned to their churches.

The reasons for this are many and varied.

Some just don’t feel safe, some have concerns about their children and their safety, some have just gotten out of the habit of worship and some find the virtual service/mass an easier way to be in touch with God in our times.

Let’s continue to pray for each other and to encourage as many as possible to get the vaccine so that together as family, church and community, we can come together and use the gifts that God has given to us in service to those in need.

We have all read about the tremendous outpouring of goodness in our community following the devastating tornado in Western. Storms like this, while disasters, do remind us that no one of us is an island.

We all share the common bonds of our humanity, and it reminds us of the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter that we have. God did not create us to
play it safe, but rather He calls us to serve and to be there for others. And that, I think, is the real key to happiness — because that is when we are most like God.

I hope you have a great


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