Three new exhibits on display at View


OLD FORGE — Three new exhibitions have opened at View, the center for arts and culture, including two annual Fall favorites. The Exhibits are “Life Forms” by Mallory Zondag; the annual 4x12 exhibit; and table runners that are part of this year’s “Take Home Today.”

• Zondag is a mixed media fiber artist whose show, “Life Forms,” uses the medium to reflect on the human experience in nature. “I create fiber art to address our relationship to the natural world. We find comfort in nature, but often, it’s nature that we have shaped and sculpted into an ideal under our control,” Zondag says.

“We are a part of the natural world’s cycles of balance; growth and decay, creation and entropy, yet decay makes us uncomfortable. Roofs that sag with moss and the weight of time, bodies becoming food for the mushrooms and bluebells, these moments of decay confront our knowledge of our own mortality and lead us either to fascination or fear.”

“My work examines these forms of entropy in our world and in ourselves as well as our human impact on this planet. Using wool, wax, fibers, paint and found objects, I create forms and textures that explore the visual and emotional impact of growth and decay. I find strange beauty in the uncomfortable certainty that we, our structures, and our bodies, are not permanent. I use textile and sculptural techniques to confront our relationship with nature, our adoration and destruction of the natural world and to convey the message that we are made of earth and one day we all return.”

“Life Forms” will be on display through Nov. 27.

• The 4”x12” Exhibit features artists working in all media. Artists have used canvas, wooden boards, metal, frames and more to have these small works of art ready for your home, office or wherever you could use a touch of art.

These works will be available to pay and take home the same day. The 4x12 exhibition will be on display through Nov. 14.

• This year’s “Take Home Today Exhibit” showcases Table Runners crafted by several quilters and will be available for purchase at $100 each and can be taken home that day.

Runners will be on display through Jan. 8.

For more information, go online to us at or call 315-369-6411.


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