Thoughts on voting during the pandemic


California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced that up to three households will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving together outside as long as participants wear masks and follow other safety precautions.

One Twitter wag shredded Newsom’s autocratic edict with humor:

“We’ve been told that only 6 people are allowed to meet for Thanksgiving, but 30 for a funeral. With this, I announce that we will be holding a funeral for our pet turkey that will pass away on Nov. 26. Refreshments provided. In lieu of flowers please bring a side or dessert.”

Governors in California, Michigan, New York, Virginia and elsewhere seem to have weaponized the virus to cower and control Americans before Election Day.

They could have taken steps to protect the most vulnerable citizens while letting others take precautions and go about their business.

National media is complicit. They never tell you how many recover quickly. CNN, with wall-to-wall virus, is activism, not journalism. CBS pushes “60 Minutes” beliefs intentionally disregarding evidence. The Associated Press trumpets “New infections are raging” when such “positive test results” do not necessarily indicate degree of sickness, potential for hospitalization, or possibility of death. Nor do they mention how much better off we are than last spring, how tens of thousands more tests are given each day that boost counts, that 15% false positives come from new rapid tests, or that PCR tests sometimes can’t distinguish between live infectious virus and killed virus parts.

Do the politicians and pundits want to drive people to absentee ballots when early voting in person or Election Day voting is safe, more reliable, and less likely to clog ballot counting?

Pundits were indignant over Mark Meadows, President Trump’s chief of staff, stating the obvious: “We can’t control the virus.” As Republican South Dakota governor Kristi Noem wrote, “there is no way to stop the virus. But ... we’re doing a much better job of identifying cases, getting those individuals isolated, and treating those who need an elevated level of care.”

Weaponizing of government and media is old and insidious. Lois Lerner did it with Obama’s IRS. His Attorney General Eric Holder did it with the Department of Justice as James Comey did it with the FBI, John Brennan did it with the CIA, and James Clapper did it as Director of National Intelligence. Speaker Nancy Pelosi weaponized her rule of the House. The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN are their own embarrassment.

For decades the Left has been engaged in a long march through our institutions, culminating a last push for current election for President and Congress. Early voting polls are open locally. Vote now or on Election Day. Vote like your country depends on it. It does.


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    What a turn about! After Republican efforts to disrupt the US Postal Service and slow mail, and lawsuits to avoid counting mail-in ballots with a post-mark before election day but received up to 3 days later, the writer is now indignant that virus restrictions may force Republican voters to vote absentee and be caught in their own web. Weaponizing of government? Is that like Trump repeatedly calling on his Attorney General to indict and arrest Joe Biden a week before the election? Or using ICE to clear out peaceful demonstrators from Lafayette Square so Trump could pose in front of a church holding a bible? Or maybe it is when his Attorney General misrepresents the Mueller Report and then starts investigations to discredit the FBI and CIA? And of course a tirade against the national media which accurately report the effects of Covid-19. "They never tell you how many recover quickly" Well, we know that world wide numbers show that 3% of those who have contracted Covid-19 died. When you see 80,000 new cases per day in the US, think that eventually that will result in over 2,000 of those dying of Covid. He is right about one thing. Vote in this election like you country depends on it. Maybe even your life.

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