Thoughts on unsettling COVID-19 policies


According to the Washington Examiner, the Biden administration is not COVID testing those swarming the border before they’re put on buses, trains, or planes for unspecified destinations across the U.S.

Contrast that with what you, as a resident of New York State, are required to do. You must be tested within 72 hours before arriving in New York, quarantine for four days, and be tested again for COVID-19 on the fourth day.

Those crashing the border who could possibly have COVID-19 are set loose untested, free to infect you, your elderly parents, or anyone else with whom they contact.

Border Patrol agents look for symptoms of COVID-19, but they have been directed not to administer rapid COVID-19 tests. According to the article, the Department of Homeland Security has instructed border agents to direct any migrant suspected of being COVID-19 positive to “local health systems.”

How is it that a government that claims to fear an increased spread of the virus set policy that spreads it by other means?

Where is the accountability? Where is the outrage in the national media? Where is the outrage among those in the majority in the House and Senate? Where is the outrage amongst state governors? For that matter, where is the outrage of the President?

The Biden administration postures it wants to help people, but setting people loose across the country untested is a self-defeating way to do it.



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