Thoughts on reliable sources


A website that displays editorial cartoons each week displayed almost a dozen drawings of border patrol agents on horseback pursuing lawbreakers trying to enter the country illegally.
One cartoon noted the split reins used to control the horse were not whips. Another suggested that to do their job agents should have to use pool noodles and Segways instead of split reins and horses. A third showed a horse’s reins tied to a chair claiming that the horse must be whipping the chair. Yet another with a picture of someone throwing a rescue rope to a victim in the water claimed the rescuer was obviously whipping the victim.

The photographer who took the pictures tried to correct the administration and media misrepresentations of whipping. The El Paso Times that first printed the pictures issued a correction. CNN said the insinuation that Border Patrol agents ‘whipped’ migrants was “patently false.” The cartoons make clear that the Joe Biden administration purposely ignored the obvious.

It is no laughing matter when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who initially described the photographs as “horrific,” doubles down on the mischaracterization stating, “Our reaction to the photos has not changed.”

The Biden administration used the mischaracterization to hobble the Border Patrol with a new policy that no longer allowed the use of horses to protect the border from lawbreakers trying to enter the country illegally. Texas has said they would hire any agents let go because of Biden’s new policy.

What is their real agenda when government no longer cares about using the best information available to set policy?

When most corporate media don’t call attention to the disconnect between facts and policy they no longer serve as a check to hold government accountable for what it says and does.
When the most authoritative sources of news are not the government and not most national media, but cartoons and memes passed informally through the Internet, you as an individual have to continuously test and vet what you previously took to be reliable sources for news.


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