Thoughts on pride and joy


Portrait galleries give people the opportunity to appreciate a wide variety of subjects, media, and technique. Galleries also showcase the variety of viewers. Galleries show how different tastes are.

People like what they like, and may not understand why. You don’t know what attracts you to one portrait’s subject, although you can rationalize why it might. Attraction wells up from areas of the brain far deeper than consciousness can see. It’s wondrous, mysterious, and human.

Much like noticing someone while walking down a crowded street, sitting in the bleachers at a sports event, or looking across a crowded room, who knows what clicks or why?

Others like whomever they like, and it is not up to us to direct their likes. Take pride in those fortunate to have found others to practice their friendship on.

As others are attracted to different portraits in a gallery, each of us has family or friends whose attraction to others we can’t identify in ourselves. No matter. Each of us who find someone we want to hold close and care for is blessed. Pride shows in all positive relationships.

That pride is quite different than what prompts some to push identity politics through virtue-signaling commercials. Bullying lectures on what or what not to like come across as condescending, trite, ineffective, and off-putting.

June is pride month. Pride and joy go together.

— S.B.Waters


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