Thoughts on poor gun bills


This past Monday the Senate Codes Committee held a virtual hearing on several bills of concern to legal gun owners and those who value the Constitution.

S.1192A would require people who possess a firearm to hold a firearms safety certificate. Owners would have only 90 days to get in compliance with expensive, time-consuming, and burdensome new requirements that would have a disproportionate impact on low-income and disadvantaged communities. To simply exercise their constitutional right, people would have to pay for coursework, potential fees for the application, fingerprinting, and exam, and repeat this process every two years. This isn’t about safety. It’s about control.

S.5000A is based on the mistaken premise that crime guns come from out of state. Most do not. The ATF’s most recent trace data proves the number one source by far of illegal guns in New York is New York and the vast majority of crime guns recovered in New York are recovered in New York City.

Since S.6363 applies to orders that already mandate the “immediate surrender” of guns the bill is unnecessary, especially given there is no evidence put forth showing noncompliance with these orders. This bill seems to foreclose the option to voluntarily surrender and potentially places police in harm’s way.

None of these bills will do anything to enhance public safety. In fact it distracts from the mess the Legislature created by implementing outrageous “bail reform” that keeps hardened criminals on the streets. The Legislature should be embarrassed by its own ham-fisted actions that have resulted in New York City having some of the highest violent crime rates in decades.

Challenge legislators who support these expensive, unnecessary, ineffective, cumbersome, and inappropriate bills. These bills and the legislators that support them do no good and make our lives worse.


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