Thoughts on politicians undermining capitalism


Capitalism provides rules and structure politics lacks. Leftist politicians don’t like that.

Without the independent check that our mostly free market capitalism provides, little is left that can keep government from running roughshod over citizens.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his companion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are pushing through a leftist crisis spending spree even though, as the post-COVID economy gains steam, it is uncalled for, unnecessary, inflationary, and will undercut families’ hard-earned savings.

Then why do it? Because funding trillions of dollars of excess spending entirely by debt sets the stage for them to demand new tax confiscations that will wipe out intergenerational savings and establish strict government control of where money goes.

Their planned tax confiscations consolidate their control of government. Separate capitalism from our democratic republic and we may never get it back.

The situation is clear: Stand up now, or your children will be forced to reclaim “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” from a much worse position.

Tell Washington to slim down the so-called infrastructure bill. Infrastructure is what it traditionally has meant and Democrats should leave their Wish List for when our economy is more stable and strong enough to afford it. Tell them that you do not want to burden your children with sky-rocketing debt and tighter government shackles.

Let senators and representatives in Washington know that you value the dynamic economy of our country more than you value their lust for centralizing power in Washington.



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