Thoughts on political audacity


“L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.” was attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte but it was, more appropriately, French Revolution leader Georges Jacques Danton who advised, “Audacity, audacity, always audacity.”

We say “more appropriately” because in its revolutionary way the Joe Biden administration is racing to refashion America before the midterm elections. They threaten to remove the Senate filibuster, argue with the parliamentarian trying to force unrelated items into the upcoming spending bill, and favor executive orders they themselves think will be found illegal by the court system.

They break American institutions to change the country from what it has been to something the political elite might like better and regular Americans won’t.

What they push will jeopardize peace and prosperity, break the bank, and threaten the standard of living of so many.

Biden’s people and the national corporate media jettison American sovereignty, ignoring laws to break open our southern border. They stealthily imbed sweeping new naturalization rules in what is supposed to be a budget proposal.

They undermine trustworthy elections, bypassing long-standing laws to institute procedures that encourage wholesale cheating rather than protect votes.

They risk our stable currency, pursuing excessive spending that will challenge our ability to cover the debt and likely impoverish those on limited incomes.

They threaten small business, extending benefits that discourage people from seeking work.

They reject our constitutional republic, centralizing education, healthcare, and voting rules.

They don’t believe that peace comes through strength, undermining an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan and putting those under our protection at risk.

They don’t believe in equal justice for all, engaging in selective enforcement that lets criminals go uncharged, imprisons others delaying trials, and burdens still more with charges substantiated by government lies.

They misrepresent facts and law cheapening the common meaning of words of the Constitution, restricting some amendments, and ignoring other clauses.

They have the audacity to take advantage of the American tradition that elections do matter, figuring that those who would wait peacefully for the next election won’t pay much attention to who is counting the votes.



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