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President Donald Trump said right up front in his message to the nation Wednesday, “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.” He detailed the kind of evidence revealed so far that should lead all Americans to demand open review of ballots and counting in at least the six swing states.

But, by far Trump’s most upsetting statement was, “The media knows this, but they don’t want to report it. In fact, they outright refuse to even cover it, because they know the result if they do.”

We would normally reject such talk as political hyperbole, but in this instance, our daily selection of incoming Associated Press stories allowed us to compare what Trump said with what AP wrote.

In a post-article email to the AP, we noted they had sent us editorial opinion, not a report on the contents of Trump’s speech that explained legitimate concerns about the November 3rd election.

• AP dissembles between constitutionality and fraud as if unconstitutional actions can’t facilitate fraud.

• AP saysmany of Trump claims have been debunked or dismissed but that doesn’t mean they all have.

• AP cites comments by an official charged with illegal external cyber intrusion erroneously suggests he was assigned to, or competent to judge entirely different issues that challenge internal system security and potentially allow vote fraud.

• AP did not address voter rolls intentionally left replete with dead, relocated, or ineligible voters.

• AP did not address spraying of unsolicited ballots across states.

• AP did not address adjusting down the standards for validating signatures on envelopes and the need to revalidate the signatures with those from previous elections particularly in Georgia.

• AP ignored affidavits that allege data dumps, and potential system access, and did not describe what kind of manipulations the machines are capable of.

• And yet AP included potential suits by New York’s Attorney General without noting her prejudgment of Trump’s “guilt” while they left out previous malicious prosecutions against Trump or his staff.

In short, information in the story seems included simply to obscure the absence of clear, informative, authoritative news. By writing decidedly against the President of the United States, AP demonstrably forfeits its credibility on political issues. Readers must be on guard.

To inform our readers, we fleshed out our version to include facts AP left out. There is much more in Trump’s presentation worth knowing. Listen to the speech on YouTube or read a transcript at



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    Mr. Waters obviously gets his facts from the Trump campaign with a little Qanon thrown in. What gets me the most is the attack on mail-in ballots, and the failure to save the envelopes with the voter's signature on them.. Many voters (obviously Mr. Trump and Mr. Waters included) probably don't know that the "system" tracks every voter who votes. The system can't track how one votes, only that you voted. For those who think there was obvious ballot stuffing, take a sample (or all) of the voter list and seek out the people and ask them if they voted. Again, obviously to most, the system would flag any individuals who tried to vote twice, and that is where the signature would come in. Think of it like the credit card receipt you sign. If there is discrepancy, the bank contacts you and asks if you made the charge

    We know that early on the Democrats emphasized mail in voting and the Republicans emphasized voting at the polls.. And then came the assaults on the USPS with the effect of delaying ballots cast by mail. Then came an assault on those states whose Secretaries of State which had said they would accept ballots after election day if they were postmarked before. Republican state legislatures claimed only the legislature could make that decision, and therefore all valid ballots were "Unconstitutional" and had to be rejected - even though the Secretaries of State had made those changes months earlier and it only became an issue when Trump lost.

    One thing is obvious, however. We need a Federal Voting Commission established to prevent these kinds of Election frauds perpetrated by Mr. Trump and the Republican Party. And, by the way, you can trust the AP for truth far more than the Sentinel.

    Saturday, December 5, 2020 Report this