Thoughts on H.R.1, the ‘For the People Act’


The Constitution states that the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.” Although the Constitution does allow Congress to revise them, never has Congress dared to do more than regularize the date of elections.

Democrats are rushing to misuse a seldom-used constitutional clause to overrule States Rights and the fundamental concept of federalism. H.R. 1 would centralize presidential elections, taking responsibility for oversight away from states, where the Constitution placed it, putting it in the clutches of the federal government and its sprawling bureaucracy.

With their deceptively titled 800-page bill, House Democrats propose to assault many of the checks and balances that assure free and fair elections.

• Democrats propose to remove any legal attestation on absentee ballots of one’s eligibility to vote. They would require states to give absentee ballot access to third parties who may have a stake in the outcome, facilitating selective ballot harvesting.

• They would require at least two weeks of early voting along with unsupervised ballot boxes that also encourage ballot harvesting.

• They would perpetuate inaccurate registration rolls that still contain records of those who have died, moved away, non-citizens, or who are otherwise ineligible and would not allow comparing lists with other states or the USPS National Change of Address Registry.

• They would make you register, whether or not you wish to, likely leading to multiple registrations in different locations and registration of ineligible individuals.

• They would require same-day registration and online registration without any check on eligibility, opening the door to cyber-hacking.

• They would reinstitute the equivalent of donor disclosure requirements on political speech and activity similar to that which state governments tried to impose in the 1950s, and that the Supreme Court found unconstitutional. The regulation proposes to cover online and policy-related speech by candidates, ordinary citizens, civic groups, corporations, non-profits, and unions.

• Democrats would reauthorize the IRS to target political groups as Lois Learner did to conservative organizations by delaying or denying tax exempt status. Lerner retired after she was found guilty of neglect of duty.

• They would force taxpayers to subsidize political campaigns of individuals they would otherwise never support.

• And, finally, Democrats would eviscerate state and local Voter ID laws that assure that no ineligible vote would cancel someone else’s legal vote. An ID provides equal protection under the law for minority and majority voters.

Partisan state bureaucrats attempted to install a number of these rules in the 2020 election. Democrats claim that almost all court cases challenging such rules were tossed out of court, but most cases failed for procedural reasons not merit. A Michigan judge just declared bureaucratic rules illegal vindicating President Trump’s claim, but the decision comes too late to affect the past election.

A Georgia judge just approved the forensic examination of ballots from Fulton County, GA. Georgia election officials had examined other regions, but not where ballot irregularities were alleged to have occurred.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seem to be working more for their party than their country as they rush to get H.R.1 through the House and Senate before the results of the court-ordered forensic examination of ballots from Fulton County, Georgia, are revealed.

If H.R.1 comes to pass, electoral integrity may be hard to claw back.



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