Thoughts on centuries of fascists, socialists, and globalists


Individuals who value community with others ask, as Milton Friedman did in Free to Choose, what system will give the widest range of people the greatest opportunity to make the most of themselves out of their own capacities and resources.

Rather than address that, most politicians, corporate media, and school curricula feed people a fantasy of Republican/Democrat differences that twist the real world. In truth, both parties’ leaders favor globalism, large central government, corporate welfare, excessive spending, and big social programs. Both oppose limited government and competitive free enterprise. Both bypass the Bill of Rights, separation of powers, checks and balances, equal justice under law, and advancement by merit.

They bury that the brilliantly revolutionary 1789 American Constitution gave people the power over government. Ending a 200-year-old war between church and state, the Founders put “people” in charge— individuals who respect community with others who respect your individuality. The Constitution sparked a different battle to usurp people’s power. On one side, fascists use enterprise to control people while on the other, socialists manipulate people to control enterprise.

History records the back-and-forth battle between fascists and socialists. Civil War in the 1860s turned the tide against fascistic business misusing people. Entrepreneurial robber barons, in concert with government, countered in the 1880s expanding transportation, mining, and financial institutions to rebuild monopolies. Socialists replied in the 1900s with trust-busting and urban social crusaders in the 1910s. An industrial explosion in the 1920s was met by Democrat Franklin Roosevelt’s 1930s social programs, many that expand today. World War II joined big business and government more tightly.

As he left office in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex—fascist collusion between government and big business. An equally controlling socialist complex colluded on Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

Together they subverted America’s defensive institutions. Corporations gobbled up independently owned local newspapers in the 1970s reducing major checks on public excess. The same corporations monopolized news wire service board seats diluting journalistic accountability.

Parties in power lavished billions of dollars to shift school curricula from local boards to centralized control that focused students away from skills and studying institutions that matter. Government money poured into universities with the same result.

While the Internet might have helped individuals break away from the tug-of-war between socialists and fascists, a new generation of social media robber barons inserted themselves in between individuals and the free exchange of ideas, and still dictates who can speak and what they can say.

Socialism and fascism coalesced in the 1990s behind globalism that also wanted an elite to exert control over private capital, weaken nation states, and minimize individuality. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, Republican and Democrat presidents since the 1990s encouraged globalism through one-sided programs like NAFTA.

That is, all did until Donald Trump—love him or hate him—exposed socialists, fascists and other political leaders for how little they cared for the country or citizens. They pit people against each other: urban against rural, young against old, farmers against business, masked against unmasked, native-born against immigrant, neighbor against neighbor.

Trump showed that serious issues like climate change, COVID, racism, and others pale compared to socialists and fascists undermining the Constitution, American principles, liberty, and respect for individuality that values community.

Don’t panic. Just reject those who care more for themselves than the citizens they are supposed to serve. That includes both political parties that overburden us with excess debt, controlling social media barons, reporters who claim opinions are news, bureaucrats who restrict us absent evidence and authority, those in lab coats who forsake science for politics, corporate CEOs who replace economics with politics, academics who devalue merit, prosecutors who don’t believe real justice is blind, and judges who make law rather than follow it,

In the latest combined challenge, globalist fascists and socialists are so desperate to keep control they would dodge forensic audits and centralize election laws to assure they keep power.

The Constitution works if you stand up for it.

— S.B. Waters


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