Thoughts on avoiding Dependence Day


We’ll wave the American flag proudly on July 4th, recall those who helped make our country great, and pray for those to come who will make it better still.

What we will not do is support the politicians bent on making the majority of Americans dependent on government handouts. Americans deserve to celebrate their independence, not their dependence.

Some analyses claim the Biden “infrastructure” bills would, for the first time in history entangle some 51% of Americans—a majority—in some sort of government support.

“Government support” means that rather than encouraging people to work to support themselves the overall cost and influence of government—and government’s control over us—will blossom.

Western civilization has an exceptional record of setting captives free, and those who wish to rule over us don’t approve.

Of all human civilizations, ours has not been dependent on one’s culture. All are open to participate in a market economy where success or failure is measured by choices made by everyone else. Those choices have refined and burnished values, beliefs, and processes because survival depended on it.

With these bills, the powers that be will redefine a temporary social safety net designed to help someone transition to a new job into a guarantee income that is disincentive for people to work for themselves or for their own benefit.

We do not want Antonio Gramsci’s prediction that the West will fall to a long march through its institutions —like Congress, the bureaucracy, and, sadly, national corporate media.

The United States has been so successful, measured by its ability to raise the least among us regardless of race, color, or creed.

We are proud of America’s record, and you should be too—especially since we are not finished. We will celebrate Independence Day. And we will also stand to celebrate the flag that represents all the good to which America aspires.



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