Tenney hurts chances of ending COVID-19


Our representative Claudia Tenney is doing her best to perpetuate the coronavirus pandemic with her misguided efforts to fight mandates.  She just announced her support for the “Let Me Travel America Act” which would preclude any federal vaccine mandate for interstate travel.  Catering to the “you can’t tell me what to put in my body” crowd, she is preventing our best hopes of eradicating this disease which today is still killing 1,500 of our fellow Americans every day.  
Colin Powell’s recent death shows the coronavirus can still kill the vaccinated, but by far the unvaccinated are the most vulnerable. In the US, one out of 61 of the 46 million people who have contacted the virus has died from it. 187 million Americans have now been vaccinated, but even among those there have been over 7,000 covid deaths — mostly among the aged and immunocompromised.
Mandates are very effective at getting more people vaccinated, and need to be used wherever possible.  Everyone does have a right to refuse a vaccination, but they do not have a right to travel in airplanes, attend school, eat in restaurants, go to movies, or remain employed.

Get vaccinated and stamp out this terrible disease now!
— Mike Corbett, Rome 


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