Tenney bill would block funds for Civilian Climate Corps


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Claudia L. Tenney, R-22, New Hartford, has offered an amendment to the House of Representative’s appropriations “Minibus” legislation which would prevent taxpayer funds from being used for the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC).

“The bill authorizing the establishment of the CCC has not been debated or passed in either the House or Senate, yet House Democrats are now attempting to fund it through the annual appropriations process,” said Tenney. “This not only takes resources away from programs that actually are authorized, it redirects them toward agencies that do not have a plan in place for spending them.”

“As members of the People’s House, it is essential we ensure taxpayer dollars are spent effectively and held to the highest standards,” Tenney said. “Yet tucked away in the House Democrats spending bill is funding for the Civilian Climate Corps. The Biden Administration and Members of Congress have admitted they don’t know how the program will function and from what we have heard, it will be a new massive federal slush fund focused not on sound climate policy, but on advancing the partisan Green New Deal agenda. It’s bad enough for government to fund a program that Congress hasn’t authorized and can’t effectively oversee, and even worse to do it when federal agencies don’t have a clear plan available to the American people for how to spend the money.”


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