Talk about good luck


A Brazilian pilot survived after his small plane crashed in the Amazon jungle. But that was the easy part.

Surviving more than a month lost in some of the world’s most dense wilderness was the real challenge. As reported in the New York Times, Antonio Sena was transporting fuel in his small propeller plane when the engine cut out, and he was forced to land in the unbroken wild of the forest below.

He got clear of the plane and its cargo -- 160 gallons of diesel fuel -- just before it exploded.

Thus began a 36-day odyssey, stumbling lost through the forest, looking out for jaguars, anacondas and poisonous insects, being harassed by gangs of spider monkeys that didn’t want his makeshift shelters in their territory. (The monkeys may have saved his life, though, by alerting him to a food source: a small, pink fruit that he knew was safe only because he saw them eating it.)

After five weeks and the loss of 55 pounds, he was rescued when he stumbled upon a group of Brazil-nut collectors. Talk about good luck.


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