Students Use Real Life Run-in with a Mouse for their Creative Writing


It was Monday, April 12, 2021,the first day back to school after Spring Break.

The class was busy with their morning work, and adjusting to an early morning back to school. All of a sudden scratching noises started coming from the class candy jar. The candy jar was located behind Mrs. Costello's desk. She peered around her desk to find a fat mouse standing on his hind legs scratching at the candy jar lid, trying frantically to get out. She quickly sprinted to the doorway to find the custodian, Mr Smith.

There may have been a few screams as she exited the room? Mr. Smith saved the day! He released the mouse in the backyard. He couldn’t believe all the energy this mouse had, must have been all the hershey kisses he devoured over the break. It was a day our Ridge Mills fourth graders, Mrs. Costello, and Mr. Smith will never forget. It was so inspiring that the students all wrote children’s stories about it.

They all shared their stories with the kindergarten and first graders at Ridge Mills. Sometimes our real life experiences make the best stories!


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