Stanislaus shows high degree of professionlism


Please join me and vote for Karen J. Stanislaus for Oneida County Family Court judge.

Stanislaus has demonstrated time and time again her highest degree of professionalism, analytical ability, common sense, compassion, fairness, and knowledge of the law and its applicability to family-related matters. These are the skills families seek when coming before the Oneida County Family Court judge. The families want to be heard and reach a harmonious outcome for all, especially the children, where everyone can be satisfied. ALL family members, immediate and extended, feel the results of a case rendered.

Karen has over 21 years of implementing Family Law. She has worked both sides of the Family Court bench as a private attorney, a law guardian appointed by a judge, as a confidential court attorney for retired Judge James R. Griffith, and presently as an appointed Court Attorney Referee residing over domestic violence cases. Out of the people running for the 2021 Oneida County Family Court Judge position on Nov. 2; Karen is the qualified one!

Experience matters. Representation of the community matters.
Vote for Karen J. Stanislaus for the Oneida County Family Court judge during early voting or on November 2. Thanks for your vote.

— Janet Bennett-Dixon, Rome


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