Spinning around Griffiss Park on a piece of plastic


Plastic discs have long been on the list of America’s favorite toys.

Locally, those folks who like flipping around pieces of aerodynamic plastic have a new place to play: The Bomber Disc Golf Course on the Griffiss Business and Technology Park.

Earlier this week Daily Sentinel photographer John Clifford snapped a picture of Air Force 2nd Lt. Nicholas Spine and 1st Lt. Peter Hiffa installing a tee box marker at the course’s second hole. The two volunteers were hoping to complete all 18 holes of the course by the end of the day. The first hole is located next to the parking area off Ellsworth Road. It is free to play but discs are not provided.

Disc golf is popular. Writer Peter McPherson described in the Chicago Tribune that “Disc golf is a sport that can be played casually or competitively, but it’s a blast either way. With a good set of discs and a gear bag, you can play for free (or for a low price) at disc golf courses around the world.”

We assumed that disc golf was relatively simple. You just toss the disc, right?

Wrong. There are specific types of discs, types of plastic and intricate rules that can be found on the Internet.

For those who want to play the new Bomber Disc Golf Course at Griffiss Park but who don’t have discs, Copper City Brewing Co. has you covered. The brewery and tasting room at 1111 Oneida St. has disc sets that can be used, with a deposit, for free. Jervis Library has discs too.

Have fun.


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