Rounding Third…………


Greed! Unfortunately, we see more and more of it.

Remember when you first started your career and the older people — including your parents said, “Yeah, it’s not much now but you’ll work your way up. You have to pay your dues like everyone else.”

So — you started at the bottom of the food chain, worked hard, and eventually made it to a decent living. Those days are gone! Nobody waits for anything. Kids want to start at $80,000 a year their first year out of school. There are people that never made that much in one year their whole lives—ahem!

Anyway—are we starting another upward shift in the average earnings? You know that every time we start moving the minimum wage up, it just moves the whole scale higher.

Those of us on retirement and Social Security are locked in. Our raises are minimal at best. If the minimum wage actually gets to $15 an hour as they want, the people who earn that will make about $2400 a month or more. Maybe that should be the
minimum Social Security
payment, too.

All that aside, you have to learn to make your life worthwhile on what you’ve earned and what you have, In fact, you have to:

Enjoy What You’ve Got

You can’t always have what the other guy has, he isn’t the same as you.

If you spend all your time envying him, you won’t enjoy what you do.

What makes you think that life’s always fair — that everyone’s treated the same?

There’s only one time that it’s equal for all—and that’s when you enter the game.

We spend half our lives bemoaning our fate, playing loose with the truth on the way.

It’ll make you believe that the sun only shines on somebody else’s day.

Life’s full of options; it’s all in your hands—you choose to be happy or not.

But it’s awfully darn hard to take the high road if you chase what your neighbor’s got!

So let him have his—and you can have yours—how much isn’t really the key.

There isn’t a ration of joy in the world, and smiles have always been free.

Just make the right choice—you WANT to feel good-and soon you will find that you do.

You may not get all that you want in this life, but you’ll like it more as you go through. — JDF

Joke: A little boy is standing on his tiptoes trying to ring a doorbell when a good Samaritan comes along and sees his dilemma. The man walks up on the porch, rings the bell and says to the kid, “Okay, what do you want to do now?” The kid looks at the man and shouts, “Well now, we usually just start running.

Favorite One-liners: *Time for the government to simplify: Less needs to be the new more.

*Even talk isn’t cheap when politicians get involved.*Some party guests are like the Pilgrims. Once they come, they never go home. *I never get lost. I just explore “alternative destinations.”

*Money is the root of all evil. Send $9.95 for more information. *I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Historical Oddities: President Warren Harding was in office from 1921 to 1923. By his own admission, he wasn’t our brightest president. He also was at least a two-time philanderer. But—in a speech in Augusta, Georgia he was recorded as saying,

He hoped the north and south would ,” think more of what you can do for your government than what your government can do for you.” Sound familiar? *It wasn’t until 1957 that license plates were put on national standards. They are technically called, vehicle registration plates. Before 1957, they were sometimes home-made and constructed out of wood, clay, porcelain or metal. The numbers ranged from registration numbers to the owner’s initials. Keep enjoying what you have and I’ll see you next week.— JDF


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