Rome native earns ‘Healthcare Hero’ award in Florida for nursing efforts


HOLLYWOOD, FLA. — Rome native, Shelly Delfin, chief nursing officer at the Memorial Regional Hospital South and Memorial Rehabilitation Institute in Hollywood, Fla., has been named a “Healthcare Hero” for her work in Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delfin, APRN, MSN, NP, is the daughter of Lucille and Mark Bostwick. She was born and raised in Rome, and attended the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, where she graduated in 1988. She has since received a master’s degree in nursing science and is currently in a doctoral program in nursing practice.

The Healthcare Hero program honors medical professionals for their lifesaving efforts during the ongoing pandemic.

“The tremendous success within this pandemic wouldn’t have been possible without our Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Shelly Delfin,” reads a statement on behalf of Delfin.

“The role of a CNO is a crucial one, which includes ensuring that nurses and patients are safe and have access to the best medical care, implementing new nursing strategies, analyzing and changing policies accordingly, and helping the hospital run smoothly overall. Not only did Shelly achieve all of these goals but surpassed them amazingly with her intellectual capabilities. The hospital is extremely proud to have her as our CNO,” it said.

“Her sheer motivation towards the cause, exhibiting exemplary leadership qualities and task management is something everyone has looked upon as an inspiration,” the statement adds.

“The endless hours she has spent in the hospital making sure the nursing department and the patients are well is really
valuable for all of us. That is the positive energy we required, and we got bundles of it in an extremely professional way,” it continued.

“Crisis management is one of the most important skills required to effectively distribute the hospital’s resources, manage workers and implement strategies,” the statement continues. “The way Shelly portrayed her efficient crisis management skills has been truly amazing. We are grateful for her presence in not only uplifting the entire hospital but also being a source of guidance for everyone.”

“She is not only the best CNO but also one of the best mentors as well. The mental toll that comes along with worried patients and staff is understandable, but she overcomes that situation calmly and logically, and we all can witness the fruitful results for how maturely she handles situations,” it said. “She is and will remain the closest link between the physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and the hospital administration. The advices given by Shelly is an asset to all of us. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear masks and lead the nursing department. The way she has dealt with this pandemic the world hasn’t ever seen before has glorified her as one of the outshining heroes of our hospital! MHRS is truly bless to have Shelly Delfin as our CNO,” the statement concludes.


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