Questions about loss of our freedoms


Why are American citizens forced to be vaccinated for tested for COVID, but many thousands of illegal immigrants are being released inito the U.S. with no testing or vaccinations? FYI, I’ve been vaccinated.

Why is the left so obsessed against voter ID’s, but are OK with having to show proof of COVID vaccination?

Why were the hundreds of riots that killed so many and destroyed so much property called peaceful protests but Jan. 6 has been called a terrorist event as bad at 9/11?

Why are the people involved in Jan. 6 imprisoned, many without formal charges while criminals are released from prisons and then don’t even have to abide by rules of their parole?

Why is an honorable 17-year Marine lieutenant colonel in solitary confinement for speaking out about the mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal while the President, secretary of defense and generals in charge blame each other and still call it a success?

Why is the Marine who heroically lifted a baby over the wall at the Kabul airport under investigation simply because he spoke at a Trump rally?

Why are our freedoms being continually chipped away by the leftist elite who don’t comply with the rules they impose on the citizens of the country?

— Colleen Jeroszko,

Lee Center


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