Plein Air winners announced


OLD FORGE — View has announced the award winners from the recent Plein Air (Anywhere) Paint Out, as judged by local artist, Martha Deming.

According to committee member Meg Harris, “Martha chose to honor those paintings that displayed the spirit of plein air painting. Although there were many masterfully done pieces, Deming wanted to honor those that captured a moment in time, done quickly and freshly.”

She notes:

“When judging plein air work I look for a well-composed piece that has made effective use of the elements and principles of design as any work of art should. Beyond that, this being a plein air competition with all entries having been done plein air, I also look for a sense of immediacy, almost of haste, since the plein air artist can’t afford to dawdle and overwork a piece that is meant to quickly capture a moment in time. Light and weather conditions can and do change rapidly, bugs bite, wind blows, all part of the plein air challenge.

“Consequently, plein air work should have a freshness, a lack of overthinking, a directness that studio work sometimes lacks. In the case of plein air work, haste usually does not make waste, but rather creates the fresh, direct, immediate look so characteristic of good plein air painting. The piece should have only what is necessary and all that is necessary to reflect the artist’s interpretation of the place and the moment. A big challenge for sure, but one that can be met more and more easily with ongoing practice.”

After selecting the Best in Show, “Old Forge” by Drayton Jones, and Honorable Mention, “The Journey Across” by Greg Klein, there were still many noteworthy paintings left. It was agreed that four more paintings would be honored as “Judge’s Favorite.” These included paintings by Judson Brown, Donna Stoner, Kathy Kernan, and Barbara Foster.


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