Penny foolish


When a Georgia auto shop worker quit his job and demanded his final pay, his boss responded by having 500 pounds of greasy pennies dumped on the man’s driveway. Andreas Flaten quit his job as a manager at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City, Georgia, last November because of what he told interviewers was a “toxic” work environment.

That allegation seems to have been confirmed by his former boss’ reaction after Flaten badgered him for his final $915 paycheck. Flaten says the boss had someone dump the mound of some 91,500 pennies, which were covered in what appeared to be used motor oil.

Social media has erupted over the story, with some commenters suggesting people avoid doing business with the company. As one put it: “If he does that to his own people he’s probably not worth trusting with your car.”

According to a New York Times story on the stunt, it’s not illegal for a business to pay its employees or former employees in pennies or any other form they might choose. But that doesn’t make it nice.


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