Oneida Water Department releases fall flushing schedule


ONEIDA — The following is the schedule for the city of Oneida Water Department’s fall flushing schedule for the month of September.

Monday, Sept. 13

Transmission main from Glenmore Reservoir to Oneida. Discolored water may be experienced in scattered areas, including Sherrill, Stockbridge, Wampsville and Durhamville. Investigate the water condition before using for washing.

Tuesday, Sept. 14

Lake Street, Rocky Road, Sconondoa Street, Wilson Street, East Walnut Street from Sconondoa Street to Arterial, Prospect Street, Devereaux, Verona Street, Gladwell Ave., Harden Street, Bennett Road, Sherman Street, Williams Street, Almond Street, East Elm Street, East Railroad Street, North Main Street, Furnace Avenue, and Northside Shopping Center.

Wednesday, Sept. 15

West Elm Street, Liberty Street, Saint Josephs Place, North Broad Street, North Street, Allen Street, Chappell Street, Boston Street, McGuire Street, Grand Street, Phillips Street, Randall Avenue, North Warner Street, West Railroad Street, Ridge Road, North Willow Street, Fitch Street, Ann Street, Garfield Avenue, and Lenox Avenue from Willow Street to Geer Lane.

Thursday, Sept. 16

Madison Street, Phelps Street, Cedar Street, James Street, Messenger Street, Vanderbilt Avenue, Farrier Avenue, South Warner Street, Lenox Avenue from Willow Street to Main Street, Main Street from Madison Street to Stone Street, Mott Street, Linden Street, Stoddard Street from Linden Street to Arterial, and Lexington Avenue from Wilson Street to Mott Street.

Friday, Sept. 17

Main Street from Stone Street to Genesee Street, East Walnut Street from Arterial to Main Street, East Avenue, Elizabeth Street, MacArthur Parkway, Pleasant Street, Stoddard Street from Arterial to Maple Street, Maple Street, Lexington Avenue from Mott Street to Elizabeth Street, Stevens Street, Bennett Street, Pearl Street, Wilbur Street, East Grove Street, Brooks Street, and East Sands Street.

Monday, Sept. 20

Broad Street, Washington Avenue, Stone Street from Main Street to Seneca Street, West Street, Loucks Street from Washington Avenue to Lenox Avenue, Seneca Street from Stone Street to Rte 5, Park Avenue, West Walnut Street, Bates Avenue, South Avenue, Drake Avenue, Belmont Avenue from Broad Street to Seneca Street, Tilden Street, Coe Avenue, Cottage Place, Broadway, Allen Park Place, Summit Avenue, Searles Avenue, Lynnburt, West Sands Street, West Grove Street, Jenkins, Shattuck Avenue, Maple Drive, and High School.

Tuesday, Sept. 21

Stone Street from Seneca Street to Willow Street, Loucks Street, Leonard Street, Graley Avenue, Earl Avenue, Oxford Street, Cleveland Avenue from Seneca Street to Willow Street, Lincoln Park Blvd., Lincoln Avenue from Lincoln Park Blvd. to Willow Street, Elmhurst Avenue, Grant Avenue, Florence Avenue, Sylvan Street, Franklin Street, and Belmont Avenue from Seneca Street to Sylvan Street.

Wednesday, Sept. 22

Stone Street from Willow Street to Lenox Avenue, Sayles Street, Cleveland Avenue from Willow Street to Sayles Street, Carpenter Street, Lincoln Avenue from Willow Street to Sayles Street, Birchwood Drive, Morgan Lane, Patio Circle, Sugar Lane, Valley View Drive, Hunt Valley Road, Cedar Crest Lane, Ryan’s Way, Stoneleigh Road, DriftwoodDrive, Woodland Terrace, Willow Meadow Way, and Willow Tree Terrace.

Thursday, Sept. 23

Lenox Avenue from Geer Lane to Genesee Street, Genesee Street, Lowes, Walmart, Hubbard Place, Upper Lenox Avenue, Oatman Drive, Palmer Drive, Deerfield Drive, Foxwood Terrace, Fultz Drive, Hagen Circle, LaRaia Medical Facility, Hospital, Seneca Street Extension, Ames Plaza, and HP Hood.

Friday, Sept. 24

Glenwood Avenue, Glenwood Circle, West Road, Fairview Avenue, Brophy Road, Mt. Hope, Union Street, Middle Road, Nelson Avenue, Maplewood Avenue, Village of White Pines, Territory Road, Peterboro Road, and Freedom Drive.

Monday, Sept. 27

Village of Oneida Castle, Skenandoah Highbridge Water District, The Trail, Prospect Street Water District, and Marble Hill Water District.

Tuesday, Sept. 28

The entire village of Wampsville.


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