On Sherry Boehlert’s passing


Sherwood L. Boehlert, our long-time congressional representative, never seemed to age. It is hard to believe he has passed on.

Sherry engaged people in conversation. He thought about what was said, and responded constructively. His presentations were thoughtful, thorough, informative, interesting and useful. We didn’t always agree, but we could depend on the clarity of his arguments and perspective.

He was fortunate to serve in Congress at a time when coalitions of likeminded representatives formed across party lines to move legislation. The coalitions he participated in still managed to move legislation through even under strong House Speakers who might have disagreed. His party views were not dogmatic, working with whomever was in office whenever that work needed to be done.

He represented our district well, working very seriously to support the missions that called Griffiss Air Force Base home, Rome Labs in particular. He regularly and assiduously nursed legislation through to improve the infrastructure necessary to support those missions.

He was a tenacious supporter of local education, advocating to improve it at every turn.

He encouraged international trade with local businesses and supported chambers of commerce in their efforts to grow business at home and abroad.

His door was open to those who agreed or disagreed with his policies. He was willing to change his mind, but you had better come prepared to defend your position.

He worked to assure the long-term success of our country. He knew that depended upon good schools, solid local business, and flourishing agriculture. He provided stability and a sound sense of direction at times when the politics in Albany and elsewhere in New York were rambunctious at best.

He was warm, friendly, and respectful. He appreciated you and you appreciated him. Sherry was a pleasure to have at any gathering.

Our condolences to his family, friends, and associates. 


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