Meet Bruno, a sweet, gentle giant


Hi! My name is Bruno, and I am a 3-year-old American pit bull/mastiff mix who was brought into the shelter from Dog Control. I crave affection and am very friendly! I would definitely make a great family pet as I love nothing more than to spend time outdoors with my family, but I am also happy just lounging on the couch snuggling and watching TV.

I love bones and hard dog toys, and it’s funny because that old saying “his bark is worse than his bite” does not apply to me because I never bark. I am bark-less, and I will explain that more in just a minute. Here is some interesting information about my breed, the Bullmastiff: We are serious, self-assured, and afraid of nothing. We are calm, quiet, intensely loyal to family and just love people. We are known as the “gentle giants” of the dog world.

What is also interesting about my breed is that we have always been trained not to bark (which is why I am probably barkless!) and to be a different kind of guard dog, instead of frightening away an intruder, we are trained to apprehend them!

We are the best dog a family could ever hope for! I promise to be the best, most loyal, protective and affectionate dog to anyone who is kind enough to offer me a home. Thank you, Winston!

Dear Bruno:

A dog without a bark? Well now that might be a positive thing! Here is more information about this fascinating breed: Good Luck, Bruno!

- Your friend, Winston

The Bullmastiff is gentle and quiet, a devoted companion and guardian. This dog is not easily roused, but once threatened it is fearless. A great protector of home and family! The Bullmastiff needs a firm but loving home.

Adoption updates

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Paws on the Green

The Humane Society of Rome is getting closer to its biggest fundraising event of the year — the “Paws on the Green” Golf Tournament.

The event will held on Monday, Aug. 2, at Teugega Country Club. Get get your golf foursomes in early; the cost is $150 per golfer and participants enjoy a day of golfing, together with lunch – dinner – snacks on the course – entry gifts (golf shirt and golf balls) prizes and more.

Sponsors are needed. Become a major sponsor or a hole sponsor — either is a great way to promote your business while supporting the shelter. Major sponsors also receive advertising on the Humane Society website and social media. Call Lynn or Peggy at 315-336-6870 for more information.

Wish list


Toys for large dogs


Plastic spoons

Laundry detergent

Dish soap (NO Dawn)

Large brooms for the kennels

New pressure washer (or gift card to purchase one)

Cat trees, towers, perches or jungle gyms

Purina Kitten Chow

3 Tier cat cage

Digital Baby scale


Miracle Nipple

We have updated our Amazon Wish List (ship to: 6247 Lamphear Road, Rome, NY 13440):

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Science Diet
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We carry Science Diet Pet Food that you can purchase directly from us! We have puppy, dog, kitten and cat food.

Also if your pet is on a special diet and needs a particular type of Science Diet food, we can order it for you. We may have it in stock, so please call 315-336-7070 and ask. If we don’t have it, we will order it for you! We will also be more than happy to bring your order directly out to your car.

And we have colorful t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale at the shelter — pick up one as gift for someone special and one for yourself too. Remember that anything you purchase from us, whether food or clothing, helps to support the shelter and the animals it serves.

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