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Madison‑Oneida BOCES lauds career, technical education honor students

Posted 2/23/23

Madison-Oneida BOCES recently announced their high honor roll for their Career and Technical Education programs for the second marking period.

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Madison‑Oneida BOCES lauds career, technical education honor students


VERONA — Madison-Oneida BOCES recently announced their high honor roll for their Career and Technical Education programs for the second marking period.

High Honor Roll


Troy Anderson, automotive tech; Madyson Austin, equine/animal science; Lilyan Baker, criminal justice; Sierra Bush. equine/animal science; Dylan Clark, carpentry; Niessa Cruz, early childhood education;

Gianna D’Amico, law/government Isaiah Dow, outdoor power equip.; Kaylee Drought, advanced culinary arts; Jenna Edwards, early childhood education; Carl Finen, III, heavy equipment operation;

Andrew Freer, vocational technical prep; Cecelia Furbeck, early childhood education; Timothy Grinnell, vocational technical prep; Ian Hansen, heavy equipment operation; Cody Harp,
heavy equipment operation;

Emilia Harring, New Visions Professions; Ty Hatzinger, cosmetology; Joshua Henry, heavy equipment operation; Dawson Hinman, heavy equipment operation; Nathaniel Hurd, automotive collision repair;

Katelynn Ketchum, automotive tech; Wendy Kierpiec, equine/animal science; Trey Kimball, heavy equipment operation; Trevor Marsden, automotive collision repair; Christian Misner, automotive tech;

Aidian Murling, vocational technical prep; Ivy Murphy, cosmetology; Lillian Piersall, conservation; Summer Sands, early childhood education; Kiara Santiago, CBOE; Sydney Seamon, early childhood education;

Sean Seymore, conservation; Mya Varacalli, cosmetology; and Kaylynn Witzigman, criminal justice.


Tyler Appler, vocational technical prep; Jake Backus, New Visions Professions Ava Baker, New Visions Professions; Allison Ball, allied health partnership; Culley Bellino, New Visions Professions; Ethan Bennett, vocational technical prep; Hailee Blasier, law/government; Mattingly Clarke, law/government;

McKenzie Cordell, equine/animal science; Raymond Debrucque, sports management and entertainment marketing; Dustin Eddy Jr., sports management and entertainment marketing; Anna Gilkinson, CBOE; Jenna Gustin, law/government; Andrew Haddad, automotive tech; Lia Hawkins, vocational technical prep;

Willow Heckerman, allied health partnership; Elisabeth Kilts, cosmetology; Emmaly Noeller, equine/animal science; Ryan Popple, sports management and entertainment marketing; Natalie Rissman, sports management and entertainment marketing;

Gabriella Robinson, sports management and entertainment marketing; Connor Russell, sports management and entertainment marketing; Kierra Shaughnessy, sports management and entertainment marketing; Breeah Shaw, New Visions Professions; Helen Shear, New Visions Professions;

Reilly Smith, New Visions Professions; Keegan Timerman, sports management and entertainment marketing; Gabrielle Tyler, graphic design; Adelyn Ward, allied health partnership; Ira Williams, CBOE; Cassondra Wood, New Visions Professions; and Emma Wood, allied health partnership.


Colby Campbell, New Visions Professions; Somara Ebersold, equine/animal science; Andrew Magnino, Jr., Foundations of CTE; Emily Neuenschwander, allied health partnership; Carter Perry, outdoor power equip; David Platt, outdoor power equipment; Parker Rice, information technology systems/CISCO; Taylor Taiwo, law/government; and Peyton Werner, New Visions Professions.


Paige Burton, CBOE; Alex Hoff, information technology systems/CISCO; Carolanne Hopkins, early childhood education; McKenzie LaMunion, equine/animal science; Delaney Livermore, law/government; Shawn Murray, conservation; Simarah Samson Davall, automotive collision repair; Katie Schultz, cosmetology; and Lauren Zehr, cosmetology.


Jacob Brooks, outdoor power equipment; James Burke, CBOE; Brendyn Chapman, heavy equipment operation; Brendyn Chapman, heavy equipment operation; James Dapson III, New Visions Professions; Amara Eiholzer, outdoor power equipment; Rebecca Haurik, cosmetology; Cale Marland, New Visions Professions; Toby Melius, information technology systems/CISCO; Laura Soden, cosmetology; Madison Wolicki, career exploration; and Ethan Wrigley, outdoor power equip.


Brianna Ariglio, cosmetology; Serenity Avery, cosmetology; Jordan Barahmeh, CBOE; Gianna Bruno, early childhood education; Hunter DuBois, allied health partnership; Camryn Eastman, cosmetology; Ethan Fromey, automotive tech; Preciousa Hesselbarth, allied health partnership; Andrew Hicks, allied health partnership; Olivia Hoffman, New Visions Professions Logan Hull, outdoor power equipment; Kirstin Moore, CBOE;

Faith Mosley, early childhood education; Jayden Reese, CBOE; Randy Schenandoah, information technology systems/CISCO; Jasmine Shampine, graphic design; Giana Simzer, criminal justice; Brady Snyder, CBOE; Amyai Stanislas, career exploration; Kyleigh Tallman, cosmetology; and Simon Vaccaro, CBOE.


Joshua Spears, vocational technical prep.


Alexis Bentley, early childhood education; Ethan Bisgrove, vocational technical preparation; Theron Blush, vocational technical prep; Sierra Brown, early childhood education; Alex Brzuszkiewicz, automotive collision repair; Robert Burke II, information technology systems/CISCO; Benjamin Butler, equine/animal science; Miranda Catanzaro, early childhood education; Jordan Cavanaugh, CBOE; Michael Ciotti Jr., outdoor power equip.;

Joseph Corigliano, automotive collision repair; Samantha Davis, CBOE; Samantha Davis, CBOE; Santino DeCarolis, New Visions Professions; Katherine DeHimer, New Visions Professions; Tyler Deshane, heavy equipment operation; Lindsay Dingman, equine/animal science; Demetrius Gadwaw Jr., graphic design; Nicholas Gardner, graphic design; Vyncent Gardner, CBOE; Christopher Goodman, Foundations of CTE; Ryan Grant, criminal justice;

Donald Holmes III, automotive collision repair; Kyle Jones, Foundations of CTE; Emma Kimball, career exploration; Kendall Lee, health related careers; Christian Martin, information technology systems/CISCO; Jayden Martin, CBOE; Rayna Massey, cosmetology; Mackenzie Megerell, Foundations of CTE; Mallory Mondrick, vocational technical prep.;

Alex Munera, CBOE; Mia Panasci, health related careers; Katrina Parker, CBOE; Katrina Parker, CBOE; Chase Podkowka, CBOE; Rebecca Redmond, early childhood education; Dylan Renodin, automotive collision repair; Jah’meir Richardson, career exploration; Brianna Roberts, advanced culinary arts; Liam Russell, CBOE;

Emma Stagner, cosmetology; Jovani Tate, CBOE; Malaysia Thomas, equine/animal science; Alexis Thornton, graphic design; Hannah Tien, cosmetology; Miranda Tutuska, CBOE; Sounique Watkins, career exploration; DeSean Weather, CBOE; Kyle Welfel, CBOE; Sierra Yetter, CBOE.


Mary Beecher, automotive collision repair; Ella Bonvicino, cosmetology; Rowan Cady, allied health partnership; Rebekah Carey, health related careers; Dylin Crowley, automotive technology; Ava Genge, allied health partnership; Benjamin Jantzi, New Visions Professions; Riley LaLonde, New Visions Professions; Alexis Mazzye, equine/animal science; Joseph Pizzuto, outdoor power equipment; and Abigail Smith, New Visions Professions.


Artsem Kukharchuk, vocational technical prep.


Abbriana Albro, equine/animal science; Michael Balbuena, outdoor power equipment; Rachel Burning, cosmetology; Rylynn Chesebro, equine/animal science; James Condes, information technology systems/CISCO II; Kendra DeFelice, health related careers; Laney Falkenmeyer, allied health partnership; Keaton Fox, automotive technology; Isaiah Freeman, automotive technology;

Natalie Hurd, New Visions Advanced Health Science; Joseph Ingalls, graphic design; Kenneth Kahl, vocational technical prep.; Andrew Litwak, outdoor power equipment; Christina Mancuso, cosmetology; Sydney Matt, cosmetology; Declan McNamara, information technology systems/CISCO I;

Kaiden Newman, outdoor power equip.; Madison Scribner, vocational technical prep.; Emily Seifert, vocational technical prep.; Alexis Smith, New Visions Professions; Kylie Watts, cosmetology; James Wheeler IV, automotive collision repair; Kaden Wickham, New Visions Professions; and Estella Wixson, vocational technical preparation.


Zachary Fallon, CBOE; and Sheilmicia Lanaux, CBOE.


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