Madison County not considering new round of mask mandates, urges residents to get vaccinated


WAMPSVILLE — The decision by Erie County officials earlier this week to reinstitute a
mandate masks because of a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in the region has drawn attention throughout the state as many regions grapple with rising cases and fears of post-holiday spikes in new COVID-19 infections.

Madison County Board Chairman John M. Becker has issued the following statement on the issue: 

“Madison County is not considering any mandates on masks or vaccination. Yes, in the past few weeks we have seen an increase in cases of COVID-19 in our community. A large majority of those transmissions, 87% since July 2021, are a result of in-home spread. A mask mandate would not be effective in preventing the spread.”

“Please be smart, if you are sick or you were exposed, stay home. If you want to wear a mask when you are in a public setting, then do what makes you comfortable,” Becker said, adding, “moreover, get vaccinated.”

“The COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection we have against serious illness from this virus,” Becker said.

“The majority of people who are gravely ill and hospitalized due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated. This is avoidable. Please for your own health and the health of others, consider getting vaccinated,” he added.

“Madison County does not need mask mandates, we need people to be vaccinated and we need to get some relief for our health care system,” the Madison County supervisor added.

“Our hospitals, health care providers, and even our EMTs are so overwhelmed, they are short staffed due to the New York State vaccine mandate for healthcare employees, and the high number of those who are seriously ill due to COVID-19 and non-COVID issues because of delayed care,” Becker said.

“Hospitals are also dealing with a tremendous number of worried well who go to the
ER looking for a COVID-19 test. That is why we ask people to go elsewhere, such as a Madison County testing clinic, to help alleviate some of the strain,” Becker added. 

“Madison County holds vaccine clinics, and additionally there are numerous locations in our area that you can get a shot,” he said.

“I ask our residents to educate themselves on the accurate information about the vaccine and if they have questions to consult their doctor or call the Madison County Health Department at 315-366-2361. Vaccine clinic info can be found at,” he added.


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