Local election results


Here are the unofficial results of local races in Oneida and Madison counties:

New York State Justice of the Supreme Court (5th Judicial District) (Any Two)

Rory McMahon (Democratic, Conservative): 28,213

Michael Young (Republican): 40,942

Oneida County Legislator (17th District — One Year Term)

Matthew R. Pilatzke (Democratic, Working Families): 574

Stephen DiMaggio (Republican, Conservative): 2,146

City of Rome Clerk

Jean Grande (Republican, Conservative Independence): 6,129

Town Of Annsville Councilperson (Three Year Term)

Pamela Dibble (Republican): 639, Carl Kalk Jr. (Democratic): 324

Town Of Annsville Councilperson (One Year Term)

Remonia Falk (Republican): 661, Bailey Zalapeski (Democratic): 258

Town of Ava Justice

Alex S. Stempien (Republican): 208

Town of Boonville Councilperson (One Year Term)

Guy Case (Republican): 1,461

Village of Boonville Trustee (Two Year Term)

Michael Chambers (Hope): 20; Kelly Brach (Time for a Change): 15; Write-In: 20

Town of Marshall Supervisor (One Year Term)

Write-In: 63

Town of Marshall Councilperson (Three Year Term)

Christian W. Steinman (Republican): 657

Town of Camden Justice

Dana L. Liberatore (Republican, Conservative): 1,218; Jeffery Tompkins (Libertarian, Independence): 345

Town of Floyd Councilperson (One Year Term)

Alston Huey Jr. (Republican): 1,340

Town of Kirkland Councilperson (Three Year Term)

Melanie O’Neil (Democratic): 1,953

Town of Paris Justice

Dorothy Spina (Republican, Independence): 1,551

Town of Sangerfield Supervisor (One Year Term)

Jeffrey Reynolds (Democratic): 502

Town of Steuben Councilperson (One Year Term)

Mark Bowen Williams (Republican): 448

City of Utica Court Judge

Joseph A. Saba Jr. (Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence): 9,329

Town of Vernon Superintendent of Highways

Timothy Murphy (Republican): 2,866

Town of Vernon Assessor

Timothy Wagner (Republican): 2,824

Madison County

New York State Justice of the Supreme Court (6th Judicial District) (Any Two)

Brian D. Burns (Republican): 16,256; Elizabeth Garry (Democratic, Independence): 11,952

Madison County District Attorney

William G. Gabor (Republican): 20,842

Town of Georgetown Highway Superintendent (1 Year Term)

Hunter Grace (Republican): 187

Town of Sullivan Justice

Scott Bielicki (Republican): 5,127

Village of DeRuyter Supervisor

Frederick Lawrence Jr. (Republican): 426

Town of Nelson Justice

Karin Marris (Democratic): 576

City of Oneida Councilperson Ward Four

Michelle Kinville (Republican): 252; George Lighthall (Democratic): 132

Town of Eaton Justice

Mark Whitney (Democratic): 187

Town of Stockbridge Justice

Daniel K. Vineall (Republican): 634; Joseph Monfiletto (Democratic): 176.

Source: Board of Elections for Oneida and Madison counties.


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