Let’s work together to fight litter


Litter remains a problem. Why anyone with an ounce of public consciousness would discard trash along roadsides and anywhere else outside designated locations is a mystery to the many who not only don’t litter but spend time cleaning up the litter deposited by others. Littering reflects an attitude of uncaring that is certain to show up in other aspects of litterers’ lives with regard to respect for anything and everything, including human life itself.

But because there are those who cannot be expected to behave in the best interest of themselves and all, there are laws that punish offenders. But just as no law stops all offenders all the time, littering cannot be controlled by enforcement alone. It takes caring people unwilling to litter and willing to clean up when others do.

Litter pickup events are a great way for people to safely enjoy the outdoors while doing something good for the environment. When following guidelines for social distancing, picking up litter in your community can be a purposeful way to take care of your well-being but still give back.

It starts with one bag, one piece of trash and all of us working together creating a litter-free upstate New York.

Grab a bag, rally your friends and family, put on your safety gear and head outside for a chance to enjoy the outdoors while making a difference.


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