Jervis Public Library announces third quarter gifts, donations


Jervis Public Library has announced donations received during the third quarter of 2020.

The Board of Trustees notes that the library is a non-profit educational institution, and tax-deductible donations are welcome. Donations, including those by credit card, are accepted in person, through the mail, or from the library’s website ( via PayPal.

Although names are too numerous to mention, the Board of Trustees expresses their sincere appreciation to the many individuals and organizations who generously responded to the Library’s annual fund drive and who continue to support the library throughout the year. Information is available at the Circulation and Information desks for: Memorials and In Honor of programs, the Giving Tree, and the library’s Wish List.

Appreciation is also extended to the family of Dorothy M. Schuster for designating the library to receive gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved one:

Dorothy M. Schuster

From: Linda A. Slawson

Memorial donations have also been received in memory of:

Patricia Ahlstrom

From Charles and Gretchen Sprock;

Diane Baker

From: Bernadine C. Rousseau;

Virginia Capponi

From: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bojanek; Martha and Don Washburn;

Urs V. Cesana

From: Jennifer and Pastor Russ Johnson;

Eleanor (Pettinelli)

From: Glen and Cathy Sexton;

Bill Colangelo’s Birthday

From: Ms. Bernadine Rousseau

William Colangelo

From: Betsy, Jimmie Harper;

Michael J. DelPiano

From: Jennifer Evans and
Robert Fitzgibbon;

Prospine Storace Dende

From: Prosper D’Aiuto;

Roderick L. Hesse

From: Judy Destito; Steve M. Sislo

Esther Kobito

From: Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Angela G. Messineo

From: Nancy E. Ryan

Victor J. Oshel, Jr.

From: Lenore Rubin; Geraldine and Donald Wagner;

Patricia Sexton Peck

From: Don and Martha

Dominick Spinelli

From: Diane and Vincent
C. Grieco; and the Holland
Patent Teachers Association

Bernadette Wood

From: Bonnie Rose

Additional donations have been received in honor of:

The staff

From: Jerry and Joan Pohorenec

Corporate sponsorships

Rome Rotary Club

Other gifts and material donations:

George L. Bingham

Douglas M. Cameron Estate

Philippe Chaintreuil

Character Coffee

Warren Debany

EOG Resources, Inc.

The Matte Family

Northland Communications

Patricia A. Pagano

Bonnie Rose


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