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Give the gift of plants for Valentine’s Day

Rosanne LoParco
Sentinel columnist
Posted 2/12/23

February is generally the coldest month of the year, a time that finds many of us anxious for spring. Maybe that’s why the preferred gift for Valentine’s Day is flowers.

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Give the gift of plants for Valentine’s Day


February is generally the coldest month of the year, a time that finds many of us anxious for spring. Maybe that’s why the preferred gift for Valentine’s Day is flowers. However, if you want to give your valentine something that lasts longer, why not give the gift of a plant. There are several potted plants that are perfect for that special valentine.


This houseplant was made for Valentine’s Day with its heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers in red, pink, lavender or white. Depending on your perspective, you can say the flowers resemble butterflies or birds in flight! Leaves have finely detailed silver or light green markings to add to the display. Select a plant with the most flower buds. To enjoy them as houseplants, provide bright light and cool temperatures. Only water when the top inch of soil begins to feel dry to the touch.

Miniature Rose

Instead of purchasing cut roses give a miniature rose plant. A miniature rose in a beautiful container will make a great houseplant. Depending on the variety, miniature roses can also be transplanted outdoors in the spring. Indoors, miniature roses prefer bright sunlight and constant temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees F. Lightly mist foliage daily to maintain humidity levels.


These plants have a reputation of being difficult to grow but that’s not true. Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to find and are the easiest orchids to care for. To ensure they rebloom, place plants in a window with bright, indirect light. Orchids need humidity; they do well in the kitchen, bathroom, placed on a tray of pebbles and water. Water plants thoroughly until water flows out of the drainage holes. Mist the plants regularly to keep the surrounding humidity in place. A side note: 2023 is the Year of the Orchid, National Garden Bureau (


This plant in full bloom will take the winter blahs away for sure! Plants are available in a wide range of colors. Potted azaleas will often have large blooms up to three inches across. Unfortunately, florist’s azaleas cannot survive in the outdoor garden like its perennial cousins. However, it can go outdoors in a container on the patio or porch and then brought indoors as a regular houseplant. Indoors, a sunny east or west window is best for these plants along with cool temperatures. Water thoroughly when the top of the soil is just beginning to dry.

When you purchase your plants, bring some cardboard or plastic to wrap and protect the plants during transport. Even a short time of cold exposure in the car can injure a plant. When shopping for a Valentine’s plant gift, you’re not limited to only flowering plants. Dish gardens and succulent choices such as the String of Hearts plant which is a trailing vine are other nice choices.

Pick up a decorative pot, basket, and ribbon to decorate and personalize your gift plant. Add a card that provides care instructions. There is nothing like the gift of a plant to bring a smile and good cheer to someone, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just to say you’re thinking about the person. Plants make people happy, no matter if they’re a gardener or not. While you’re buying that plant for your valentine, buy one for yourself too! Happy Valentine’s Day and happy gardening!



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