Fall — and its many joys — is arriving at the perfect time


There is no shortage of important events and issues which deserve our attention — whether locally, nationally or internationally.

From the resurgence of COVID-19 as a result of the Delta variant and new state mask requirements for schools and child care centers to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan to the proposed redistricting scheme for New York State elections to the debate over the local heritage district and a reuse for Old City Hall — there are plenty of weighty topics that rightfully need to be thoroughly dissected and discussed.

But even the most ardent of us deserve a momentary pause from even these issues, as pressing as they may be — and autumn, with its many quiet and leisurely pursuits, is coming, in our opinion, at the perfect time.

Whether it is picking apples at one of the area’s local orchards, selecting pumpkins from a roadside stand, wandering through a corn maze, enjoying some freshly-pressed apple cider, delighting the eyes with picturesque scenes of trees in full fall color or simply enjoying a brief respite in the backyard serenaded by the honking of geese heading south for the winter — there is no better time to get a quick refreshing reset than the fall.

We are truly fortunate to live in an area where such attractions are minutes — not hours — away.

So whether you are headed to hike Bald Mountain or off to pick a peck of McIntoshes, Cortlands or Empires to bake a pie, take this time to enjoy a deep and thoroughly refreshing breath of fall air.


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