Cuomo expects taxpayers to bail him out


The latest straw to break our back.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expecting us to bail him out of his created problem: He made again inappropriate touching; and caused people to die by putting sick with well people.

Years ago, his daddy (Gov. Mario M. Cuomo) bailed him out of a real bad situation; four lawyers later, the son goes free. Big bucks paved the way. Now he is making big bucks. Just gave himself a $25,000 raise.

Why should anyone in their right mind expect taxpayers to bail him out? He wouldn’t pay for lawyers if we did half of what he has done. The Democrats need to go as well as some Republicans.

And if that wasn’t enough Cuomo’s sister wants legal fees for convicted close aide of Cuomo: Joseph Percoco. He got six years in prison in 2018 for accepting more than $300,000 to influence companies with Cuomo. The sister wanted to raise money for Joe because he worked for Mario. She believes helping a friend is a moral thing to do (especially immoral friends). Well, Cuomos, spend your money on good old Joe. Leave our tax dollars out of it.

It is time we fought back with actions, not guns, knives, bats or any other objects that kill. We want our state back and our country back. One or two people can’t do it alone.

— Betty Selden, Camden


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