Crime is an individual problem


I have a news flash for a lot of our so called “liberal” people. We do not have a police problem. We do have a crime problem. The second facet of this phenomena is that crime is not a societal problem as many of our leftist individuals would have us believe. It is an individual problem, i.e.: the individual commits the crime, not society. Society is the victim the criminal uses to get what he/she wants. 

Our left leaning politicians would have you believe that society has created this problem. No, it is the individual and his parents who have not don the job of being a parent. They would rather be the child’s “friend.” We reward mediocre performance in our schools and sports by giving evreone a “trophy.”

We confine criminals to prisons because they could not follow the “big rules” of the street (the law). We impose “little rules” (Standards of Inmate Behavior) that the inmate is held accountable for. At least that is the way it was.

If you want to change it is up to you, not society. Hold the individual resposible for his/her acts. 

— Walter E Beverly III, Rome


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