Charities deserve our help


Usually, they help us. They still want to help us. They are helping us.

But they need help to keep helping us.

Like everything else this past year, charities have been strained to the max by COVID-19.

As we have described in many news stories, some of the services the community has come to take for granted, that we point to as being a part of the best of us, have faced hard times and hard choices.

And not just the kind of trouble that if they don’t reach a certain goal, they will be able to help fewer people.

No. Some charitable organizations face the type of trouble that if they don’t get some help, more help, soon, they may close.

And if those organizations close, the people they help will face greater hardships in their day-to-day lives.

Our area has always been known for its generosity.

From the annual Heart Run to the Salvation Army’s red kettle campaign to dozens of other worthy causes, our area has come through for others.

It is time to step up to the plate again. We understand that not everyone can give, even in the best of times. But for the people who can give, we urge you to give now to a favorite charity or to an organization facing a great need.

Give what you can afford. Give to help organizations that are helping strangers, neighbors, friends and perhaps family.

Give now if you are able. Because as this year has demonstrated, we never know what may happen. We never know when we may be in need. Giving to a worthy cause today, when you can, may ensure it’s there tomorrow, if you or a loved one needs it.


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