Capitol step closer to historic marquee


On Dec. 8, 1928, a Rome Daily Sentinel report noted that the marquee at the then-soon-to-be-opened Capitol Theatre had a total of 2,240 bulbs. 

The theater opened its doors two days later.

The original marquee and blade sign were removed during the theater’s renovation in 1939, and the replacement marquee was removed during urban renewal in 1977. The venue has been without a marquee of any kind since ever since, according to a release.

Flashing to today, the theater has contracted — thanks to funds provided in a state Downtown Revitalization Initiative — with Wagner Electric Sign Company of Elyria, Ohio for an historic reproduction of the theater’s original 1928 marquee and vertical blade sign. 

“The marquee and vertical sign are one part of the theater’s restoration from the DRI funds; other projects include new carpeting, seats, interior work (fabrics, plaster work, paint) and roof replacement. All of the interior projects will be designed to restore the theater to its 1939 appearance,” a release adds.

The delivery and installation of the new marquee and vertical blade are expected before the end of June 2021.

“The blade will actually extend slightly over the top of the building, and the word “Capitol” will be visible as people are entering the city on Rt. 49,” Capitol Theatre Executive Director Art Pierce said in a statement.

Pierce added that the restoration work will help boost the city’s downtown arts district.


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