Bella and Luna top names for dogs, cats for 2021


Trupanion, which offers medical insurance for cats and dogs, recently surveyed its database of more than 650,000 insured pets for the most popular cat and dog names of 2021.

For our canine companions, Bella has taken over the top position in 2021, after watching Luna lead the pack in all of 2020. For our feline friends, the names in 2021 have stayed pretty consistent from those that made the list the previous year. Luna continues to be the most popular name for cats whereas Milo has jumped to the number 2 spot.

The top 10 most popular names for dogs for 2021 in order are:

1. Bella;

2. Luna;

3. Charlie;

4. Lucy;

5. Max;

6. Daisy;

7. Bailey;

8. Cooper;

9. Molly; and

10. Lola.

The top 10 most popular cat names for 2021 in order are:

1. Luna;

2. Milo;

3. Oliver;

4. Leo;

5. Loki;

6. Bella;

7. Charlie;

8. Willow;

9. Lucy; and

10. Simba.


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