‘Be encouragers of one another’


I have been thinking a lot lately about a verse in the New Testament that I believe provides important direction that we need to take very seriously today.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” I Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)

This is pretty clear instruction from the Apostle Paul on how we are to treat one another. We have a responsibility…we’ve been charged with the task to encourage one another.

However, we live in a day and time when negativity seems to rule the day. Whether it’s the lead story on the evening news, the headline in the daily newspaper, or the trending topic on whatever social media site you frequent…negativity sells. Our culture and society often promote and even glorify behavior and language that is critical and points out the ugly in people, organizations and even core beliefs.

While there are plenty of people that I don’t see eye to eye with and may even have a completely different worldview than, I am tasked to still encourage them. I am charged to see them as God sees them and to be a positive influence in their lives.

What a world we would live in if we took this simple verse to heart and applied it in our everyday lives. Image the communities we would live in, the homes and businesses that would be impacted with a commitment to encouraging one another. Instead of focusing on the differences and being negative in our conversations and interactions with each other, what would it look like if instead we made it our mission to encourage those we come in contact with.

This week, how can we encourage those that serve us our food, or deliver our main, or get rid of our garbage? What if we made it a habit to point out the positives in our spouse and kids?

We have been given a word of encouragement here in the book of I Thessalonians, to be encouragers of one another. Let’s take that charge seriously and make a difference!


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