Article hails Utica as developing, welcoming community


UTICA — The City of Utica was recently featured in Business View Magazine in an article titled “Utica, New York—The City That’s Making It Happen.”

“The city has been a melting pot for well over a century,” said Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri in a portion of a statement centering on the thrust of the feature.

“Going back many years ago, the Italians, the Poles, the Germans, the Jews – all ethnic groups, really, migrated here and formulated Utica as their home. And each pocket of the city assumed its own neighborhood: the West Side was more of a German and Polish community; the East Side was predominantly Italian; the South Side was more Jewish and African American; and North Utica – one of the undeveloped areas going back over 100 years – really melted into all of it. That was the beginning of Utica as a modern industrialized city, and we’ve continued to be a city which is known as a welcoming community because of our history,” the statement added.

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