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Area’s representatives pan Biden’s speech

Alexis Manore
Staff writer
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Posted 2/8/23

Congressional representatives from Central New York are voicing their thoughts about President Joseph R. Biden’s State of the Union address.  

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Area’s representatives pan Biden’s speech


WASHINGTON D.C.  — Congressional representatives from Central New York are voicing their thoughts about President Joseph R. Biden’s State of the Union address.  

Biden held his State of the Union address the night of Tuesday, Feb. 7, where he preached optimism and growth. In his speech, Biden touted the progress his administration has made with decreasing inflation with the Inflation Reduction Act, increasing small business applications, record low unemployment in certain demographics, rises in job creation and more. 

He also called out Republican lawmakers, claiming that some want to cut Medicare and Social Security. Biden went back and forth with several Republicans, who heckled him from their seats. 

Biden briefly touched on the war in Ukraine, and his goals to rely less on Chinese manufacturing, but did not mention the Chinese balloon that the U.S. shot down over the weekend. 

Rep. Brandon Williams, R-22, Sennett, said that he is glad that Biden highlighted the need for semiconductor production, along with Micron’s $100 billion investment into building a memory chip fab plant in Syracuse. 

“However, Central New York and Mohawk Valley families have many more concerns that need to be addressed: inflation is still at a multi-decade high. Gas prices are still through the roof,” Williams said in the statement.

“Fentanyl is still flooding over the border. Crime is still plaguing our neighborhoods, and criminals still feel emboldened while families are struggling to get by — through no fault of their own,” the first-term congressman said.

“Finishing the job means delivering bipartisan results for Central New York and Mohawk Valley,” Williams added.

In a series of tweets, Rep. Elise Stefanik R-21, Schuylerville, expressed her dissatisfaction with the remarks. 

Stefanik’s tweets include: “You’re just getting started? No, Joe, we’re just getting started in the House with investigating your corrupt Administration.”   

“It’s been an hour and not one word about the Chinese Spy Balloon that he allowed to fly all over our country for a week!”  

“Joe Biden said it himself, he supports a gun ban. House Republicans will work to protect our Second Amendment rights against the unrelenting assault on our Constitution from Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress.”  

Prior to the speech, Stefanik demanded that Biden answer for his failed leadership. 

“Whether it’s the border crisis continuing to rage at our southern border, crushing inflation and over $30 trillion in national debt, or a balloon from Communist China entering into our sovereign airspace, Joe Biden has caused a crisis in America,” Stefanik said in a statement.


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