Playful Zailee loves the simple life


Dear Winston,

Greetings! I am ZAILEE, a 6 year old female pitbull mix canine and it’s just so nice to be in the spotlight this week, thank you!

I am a very energetic young lady who loves to play! I’ve lived in a home before with cats and other small animals and it all worked out well! I am a little unsure about dogs who are the same size as me, though.

What makes me happy? The simple things in life ------ having fun with my owner, getting outside to run and play, munching on Kongs filled with peanut butter, eating treats and playing with my favorite toys! I do have some that are very special to me: hard plastic ones, ropes and OF COURSE, ANYTHING THAT SQUEAKS!!! I would love to find a one-person home and to be with someone who can give me a lot of attention. Thank you Winston! Love, Zailee

WINSTON SAYS: Hi Zailee! There’s nothing wrong with wanting simple things in life, companionship, food, water and of course TOYS! We are hoping that someone will see your request for a ‘one-person home’ so you can have all of the attention that you need! Sometimes those make the best animal- human relationships–just the two of you! Doing everything together...bonding........ and enjoying life.

Good luck to you and best wishes!!!!!

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Our feline friends are in great need of CAT TREES, TOWERS, PERCHES, or JUNGLE GYMS! They need stimulation and socialization and these items do the trick. We let them out of their cages on a daily basis and BOREDOM is one of the greatest obstacles they face. Help us help THEM have a little FUN!

We have updated our Amazon Wish List just in time for kitten season! We have identified which items are highest priority and added some notes on various items so you can see what they are used for. You can even send items directly to our shelter address. We appreciate any items you are willing to donate. This is the link: Lamphear Road, Rome, NY 13440


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Purina Kitten Chow (any size)
Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats
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Cat Trees–all sizes (new) or in very good condition

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Greenies Pill Pockets for both capsules and tablets
Cesar Original Pate’ food trays
Chews–all sizes, Pork Chomps, Pig Ears
Soft Treats - Bacon Strips, Pupperoni, Canine Carry Outs, all flavors Squeaky Dog Toys

Nylon Collars–especially for Large Dogs

General Shelter Supplies

Garbage bags*–13 gallon tall kitchen DRAWSTRING bags Garbage bags*–39 gallon lawn/leaf DRAWSTRING bags Non-foaming Bleach
25 Gallon Plastic tubs with lids

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