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I sat face to face with Sheriff Maciol in debate and on Sen Griffo’s panel over cannabis legalization. We were most definitely on opposite sides of that and as we know my side eventually won. Throughout those heated exchanges the sheriff although he may not have agreed was open to my concerns and criticisms. He never dismissed or disregarded my position as unworthy. Nearly a year post-legalization he still made it a point to visit me at my cannabis centered gardening supply business last holiday season and only to wish me well. Again we may never agree on some issues but I’ve come to know him as a truly good human being who cares very much about the safety of us all in OC. If I’m victimized by a criminal, involved in an MVA or otherwise in need of my county Sheriff’s office services I’m glad Rob Maciol is in charge. But even if I’d never met the sheriff, Tenney’s endorsement of the challenger is more than enough to completely disregard that candidate. She’s a toxic blight on our area.

From: Congresswoman Tenney endorses challenger Scarchilli for sheriff

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