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The worst of times can bring out the best in people, as many Texans discovered during a terrible winter storm.

Apartment Living Fosters Much Needed Sense Of Community

Yesterday at 9:16 AM
(NAPSI)—Communities are more than groups of people who live together in the same geographical area. In their truest sense, …
Try the connected Bowflex T22 treadmill, which offers a 22-inch console with an adjustable HD touchscreen, plus engaging content and custom coaching with the JRNY digital fitness platform.

Goodbye Gym Membership—The Reimagined Connected Home Gym Is Here To Stay

Tuesday, May 4
(NAPSI)—After nearly a year at home and with access to more exercise resources and choices, including online workouts and classes, …
Professionally cleaned air ducts can cut down on allergens in your home.

Healthy Air, Healthy Home

Monday, May 3
(NAPSI)—Asthma affects more than 24 million people in the U.S., including more than 6 million children, reports the Asthma and …

Backyarding With A Purpose: Know Your Personality Type

Monday, May 3
(NAPSI)—Backyarding—the trend to use the backyard for everything from tele-working to working out to relaxing—has a different …
Show the world some love on Earth Day by saving energy—and save money too.

Make Your Energy Choices Count

Tuesday, April 20
(NAPSI)—Just as people across the country celebrate Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program …
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5 Tips for Better Home Safety this Spring

Monday, April 12

Whether you are just beginning to take a stronger safety-first approach or looking to upgrade existing home safety equipment, keep these tips in mind as you spruce up your home for the season.

Swing into Spring

Monday, April 12

While spring naturally means it’s time for a refresh for many homeowners, it doesn’t mean you’re limited only to a cleaning party.

7 Steps to Save Money on a Remodel

Monday, April 12

Consider these tips from the experts at the National Association for the Remodeling Industry to help save money on your next project.

5 Tips for Gardening with Kids

Monday, April 5
After months of cool weather, the first hint of spring will likely have the whole family eager to dive into outdoor activities.

Spruce Up for Spring: Fresh ideas for home upgrades

Monday, April 5
Spring means it’s time to start sprucing up your home and garden with a little TLC inside and out. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider these tips:

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Life

Monday, March 29
The spring season not only signifies the start of rain showers, colorful flowers and more outdoor activities, it also brings a rise in spring cleaning.

Make Spring Cleaning a Cinch

Monday, March 29
Spring is a time of renewal and revitalization, but it’s hard to appreciate all the invigorating aspects of spring when your home still bears months of winter dust and dirt

Clear the Bathroom Clutter

Monday, March 29
Due to their small size and heavy usage, bathrooms can become messy, cluttered areas for many families.

Technology for your home office makeover

Friday, April 23

As we begin to transform to a “more normal life,” many of us are still expected to continue the trend of working from home in 2021 and beyond. However, working remotely doesn’t mean you need to compromise your work performance.

Optimize Your Outdoor Space with Custom Shading

Friday, April 23

(NewsUSA) - Spring is here at last, and a pandemic-weary world is eager to get outside. Now more than ever, businesses and individuals want to make the most of outdoor spaces. The right customized …


Friday, February 26

(NewsUSA) If you're able to use a whole room as a workspace, it can be outfitted fully with custom built-ins and decorated in appropriate style. Lisa Michael Interiors juxtaposes crisp …

Purposeful Ways to Style a Multi-Purpose Room

Monday, March 8
Whether you call it a laundry room, mudroom or something else entirely, that multi-purpose space is likely a hub of activity in your home.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Monday, March 1
No matter how cramped and cluttered your living space may be, you can almost always find a spot or two for extra storage.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Monday, March 1
When temperatures creep up again, it signals time for an annual tradition: spring cleaning.

How to Advocate for Climate Change

Tuesday, February 23
Climate change is an issue that impacts everyone, especially children.

Proactive Health Tips to Help Navigate Year 2 of the Pandemic

Monday, February 22
Though you may still be spending more time at home, it’s important to take proactive steps to maintain your health.

A solar energy storage system can be permanently installed in your home to protect your family and possessions from power outages.

Pointers On Preparing For Power Outages

Tuesday, April 20

(NAPS)—More Americans suffered extended power outages in 2020 than any year since Superstorm Sandy struck the New York area in 2012, according to Generac, owners of Power Outage Central, a …

When Spring arrives it’s time to have your heating and cooling air ducts cleaned.

It Is Time To Spring

Tuesday, March 30

(NAPSI)—Spring isn’t just when we spring forward in time, it is also the time when we spring into action to clean those places that likely haven’t been cleaned at all: your heating and cooling …

A whole team of people is ready to help you get the services you need to transition to financial independence, even if you’re getting disability benefits right now.

Working From Home With Ticket To Work

Tuesday, March 23

(NAPSI)—If you receive Social Security disability benefits and are interested in working from home, Social Security’s Ticket to Work (Ticket) Program may be able to help!  The Ticket …

Pointers On Purchasing A Zero-turn Mower

Thursday, March 18
(NAPSI)—More time spent at home is prompting homeowners across America to improve their property’s curb appeal. With an increased focus on their yards, many individuals are looking to upgrade …

Re-imagining Home Sales For Healthier, More Sustainable Living

Thursday, March 18
(NAPSI)—The COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to stop the spread of the virus have shifted how people think about a lot of things, including their homes. With shelter-in-place orders and shutdowns …

Spring Lawn Equipment: Get Ready for Backyarding in High Style This Year

Friday, March 5
(NAPSI)—Backyarding is the new trend that’s emerged during the pandemic. Our backyards are where we eat, work, play, relax and socialize, and the green spaces around our homes have proven to be …

Clean Ducts And Save

Tuesday, February 23
(NAPSI)—If your home is like most, one of the biggest sources of energy consumption is the HVAC system, and that can be expensive. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Energy reports, families can …

January Is “GO Month”; Here’s Advice For 2021

Thursday, January 21
(NAPSI)—During 2020, for many Americans, home and work lives saw a major shift as people turned living space into workspace—and classrooms, and workout areas and even quarantine zones—resulting …

COVID-19 led to homeowners prioritizing outdoor living

Yesterday at 9:05 AM
(BPT) - Green spaces have always been a welcome addition to a home, but the COVID-19 pandemic elevated people's view on these areas from a nice-to-have to a necessity. Accessing a lawn or patio area …

Refresh your kitchen with an easy DIY tile countertop that requires no demolition

Thursday, May 6
(BPT) - The kitchen is the heart of the home and many people have been spending much more time at home. If you look at your laminate countertops and long for something new, consider a refresh rather …

Spring project inspiration: A bidet leaves you and the bath clean and refreshed

Wednesday, April 28
(BPT) - There’s nothing like the arrival of warmer weather to get you energized to pick up some home improvement projects.If you’re feeling a bounce in motivation for a bath update, …

Survey: Pandemic Has Forced Americans to Reevaluate What They Consider as Good Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Saturday, April 24
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " …

Going green: 5 tips to create an eco-friendly home

Thursday, April 22
(BPT) - With sustainable practices top of mind and a revived shift toward conscious consumption, Americans everywhere are seeking ways to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. From saving …

4 areas to consider when doing a home upgrade

Thursday, April 22
(BPT) - With more Americans working remotely, the pandemic has sparked an unprecedented wave of home improvement projects, with three out of four homeowners reporting having completed a major upgrade …

Senior safety campaign in response to rising senior fire deaths

Friday, April 16
(BPT) - U.S. Fire Administration data shows since January, more than 285 older adults (age 55 and older) have died in house fires, accounting for more than 53% of known fire deaths in the U.S. By age …

Your first line of defense in home safety

Thursday, April 15
(BPT) - You check your alarms regularly and practice your emergency escape plan — but are you overlooking an essential component of home safety? Having fire extinguishers — and knowing …

Perfecting your imperfect pantry: Tips to achieve inner calm through an organized space

Thursday, April 15
(BPT) - When you open your kitchen pantry, is it streamlined and tidy or more cluttered and chaotic? The state of your home impacts your state of mind, so getting better organized in the kitchen can …

The Ultimate How-To for Homebuyers: Key Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Home

Thursday, April 15
(BPT) - Purchasing your first home is one of life’s most thrilling milestones. Whether you prefer an urban loft or a sprawling suburban dwelling, most homeowners hope to find a home that feels …

Relax: Five simple steps for satisfying spring cleaning

Tuesday, April 6
(BPT) - There’s something calming about a clean and tidy home. Particularly after a dirt- and dust-busting spring cleaning session, it can feel like a total reset for the entire home. In fact, …

5 inspiring ways to bring the beauty of nature into the home

Friday, April 2
(BPT) - It’s no secret that nature has the power to inspire, invigorate, restore and refresh. Research shows that nature can offer mental health benefits including decreasing stress and …
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