Reaching Carbon Neutrality For $1 A Day
(NAPSI)—Zero net emissions of carbon dioxide from energy and industry can be achieved by 2050—and it could cost only about $1 a day. That’s the finding of a new study by James Williams at the …

Growing a Sustainable Future from Pasture to Plate

Monday, April 19

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4 steps to being a more conscious consumer

Monday, March 22

(BPT) - Today, it’s not enough for a company to make good products. Savvy consumers want to know the businesses and brands they patronize make a positive difference. Do they produce products in …

As the pandemic changes America’s home buying plans, home sales should deliver added value, not cost.

Re-imagining Home Sales For Healthier, More Sustainable Living

Thursday, March 18

(NAPSI)—The COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to stop the spread of the virus have shifted how people think about a lot of things, including their homes. With shelter-in-place orders and shutdowns …

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As carry out surges during the pandemic, landfills are filled with disposable containers

Sunday, February 28
When the world could no longer eat together in restaurants at the beginning of 2020, many of us turned to take-out, delivery and fast food. Online meal delivery revenues in the United States are projected to reach $26.5 billion this year, a 20 percent increase over 2019.

What are the most environmentally friendly alternatives for food packaging?

Sunday, February 28
What are the safest and most environmentally friendly disposable food containers and products available?

How to pick safer disposable materials

Friday, February 26
How can anyone evaluate one-to-one replacements for disposable food service ware designed to be less harmful to health and the environment? It’s not easy. Orb Media has created a basic …

Environmental Education

Monday, September 6
(Family Features) Teaching kids about the environment from an early age starts lifelong habits and creates awareness about the …

Energy-Saving Ideas

Monday, August 2
(Family Features) Energy-efficient appliances are a good starting point as you work to reduce your home's overall energy usage. …

Sustainable Eating for a Better Earth

Monday, July 26
(Family Features) Taking a more sustainable approach to sustaining your body can help protect the Earth and its climate.

Sustainable Sustenance

Monday, July 12
(Family Features) Although good nutrition is essential for human life, food production has a significant impact on the …

Want to go green? These 3 energy choices have big impact

Thursday, April 15
(BPT) - This Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating climate action, partnering with companies and …
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The most influential projects of 2021 couldn't happen without project managers

Yesterday at 1:01 PM

(BPT) - Despite numerous challenges, 2021 has emerged as a time of hope and advancement, proven by the many successful projects that will impact humanity for decades to come. These results are thanks …

5 simple ways to make a difference this holiday

Yesterday at 12:55 PM

(BPT) - There are 43.5 million moms in the U.S., many of whom are more focused than ever on doing good for their families as conscious consumerism continues to grow. In fact, 80% of moms think that …

Restoring normalcy after breast cancer

Yesterday at 12:01 PM

(BPT) - During the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis, patients are quickly overwhelmed by all the decisions that need to be made. Staying alive and getting the cancer out are top of mind with …

Flu shots for two: Protect yourself during pregnancy and your baby after birth

Yesterday at 11:45 AM

(BPT) - The phrase “two for one” suggests a great deal: getting twice the benefit. That’s precisely what a flu shot can do for someone who is pregnant. One shot protects you from …

Want to save water? These 10 small steps can have a big impact

Yesterday at 8:01 AM

(BPT) - Did you know it takes an estimated 97 gallons of water to create your pumpkin spice latte? What about the 4,700 gallons that go into making your family’s 16-pound holiday turkey?This …

Chronic liver disease is on the rise: Here’s what you should know

Yesterday at 7:01 AM

(BPT) - An estimated 4.5 million people in the U.S. have chronic liver disease (CLD). More people aged 25-54 die from this disease and cirrhosis of the liver than from diabetes or stroke. And …

Why sleep experts recommend eliminating daylight saving time

2 days ago

(BPT) - Nov. 7 is approaching, and with it the end of daylight saving time, when those in most of the U.S. will “fall back” to standard time by setting clocks back one hour. If the …

5 consejos de seguridad contra incendios que debe saber antes de encender fogatas o usar contenedores de gasolina u otros combustibles líquidos

2 days ago

(BPT) - El clima está fresco y tranquilo, ideal para reunirse alrededor de una fogata y disfrutar con familiares y amigos. Sin embargo, una velada maravillosa puede convertirse …

6 holiday gift ideas to help reduce screen time for kids

3 days ago

(BPT) - Watching TV, playing video games, tapping from app to app — the pull of screen time can be irresistible for kids and creates an ongoing dilemma for many parents. While technology is a …

It’s possible to create a better, tobacco-free future in California. You can start by talking to your kids about the dangers of flavored tobacco.

Talk To Your Kids About The Dangers Of Flavored Tobacco

3 days ago

(NAPSI)—After a year and a half of remote learning and social distancing, kids are back to socializing after school and between classes. A return to school also means kids are once again exposed to …

Use of mouthguards is recommended for many sports, including football, hockey, and lacrosse.

School Days Mean Back To Mouthguards For Student Athletes

3 days ago

(NAPSI)—Up to 60 percent of student athletes will experience a sports-related dental injury and some 30 percent of all sports injuries are related to the mouth and teeth, making mouthguards an …

You don’t have to put up with the pain and embarrassment of having a hernia. Your doctor can help.

Talk Hernia To Me: Advice For Effective Consultations With Your Doctor

3 days ago

(NAPSI)—An estimated 5 million people in the U.S. have a hernia, yet many struggle to effectively talk with their doctor about symptoms and potential treatment options—but that can be …